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m/other becomings: Lyndsey Walsh
An online lecture series that explores the themes and curatorial aspects of m/other becomings. The lecture series is organised in collaboration between Bioart Society and the MA program in Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art (Aalto University).

03.12.2021 Lyndsey Walsh - Living in the Waiting Room: Caring for the (Diseased) Body in Media

Lyndsey Walsh’s “Self-Care” confronts the inheritance of bodily trauma and the impact of the medical gaze on the so-called female body. Embedded in personal narrative and bodily exploration, the work seeks to question bodily identities associated with disease, gender, and care. “Self-Care” seeks to queer these notions by rearticulating bodily relationships in the face of genetic-based disease diagnostics and familial histories of cancer. In this lecture, Lyndsey will discuss the theoretical framing and background behind “Self-Care” and how it relates to the BioArt Society’s “m/other becomings” program. Moving from this theoretical framing, Lyndsey will discuss the complex history of media activism, art, and media representations of breast cancer presented in Lisa Cartwright’s 1998 paper “Community and the Public Body in Breast Cancer Media Activism”. Lyndsey will reflect on the changes that have emerged since the paper’s publication and speculate on how technology will play a role in these entanglements in the future.

Lyndsey Walsh is an American artist, writer, and researcher based in Berlin, DE. She holds a Bachelor’s in Individualized Studies from New York University and a Master’s in Biological Arts with Distinction from SymbioticA Centre of Excellence in Biological Arts at the University of Western Australia. Lyndsey is enthralled by the creatures emerging from the spaces in between and crossing over the imaginary, the becoming, and reality.

Dec 3, 2021 04:45 PM in Helsinki

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