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m/other becomings: Riina Hannula
An online lecture series that explores the themes and curatorial aspects of m/other becomings. The lecture series is organised in collaboration between Bioart Society and the MA program in Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art (Aalto University).

26.11.2021 Riina Hannula - Agentialguts/ M/other becomings

Agentialguts/ M/other becomings The more-than-human practice of care with goats listens-looks-senses farm animals that have become with us humans via the long history of domestication. Agential Guts for M/other becomings speculates how to co-live respecting goats as companion animals and to embody multispecies situations beyond utility value. Goats, humans, and their microflora are creating the knowledge for this project together. The focus of Agential Gut is to speculate with the agency of micro-organisms that travel between bodies making them leaky. Deploying a relational focus of microbes in mammalian sociality makes space for becomings that perhaps escape the traditional hierarchies and classification of identities set up by western thought. The project tries to find the guts to make sense of ancient microbial wisdom.

Riina Hannula are a human-microbial consortium living in a multispecies tribe. Creating a practice of more-than-human care with earth others like goats, peafowl, soils, plants, microbes, bunnies, chickens, and cats they try to live sustainable and post-anthropocentric life. They co-think, co-live, and co-constitute for and with companion species. Ethico-aesthetics are embedded in the actual becomings with and is expressed with video, sound, live situations, and installation. Hannula are also doing a Ph.D. in social sciences in the Microbial Lives: Practices of New Human-Microbial Cultures project having a post-anthropocentric focus for humans as holobionts. Hannula's doctoral thesis combines science and technology studies with art-based research in the emerging field of microbial sociology.

Nov 26, 2021 04:45 PM in Helsinki

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